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    We are the best
    Cloud + Mobility engineers.

    We provide Waterfall and Agile software development.
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    • Is project continuity an issue?
    • Do you need to scale your development team?
    • Do you want guarantee of no screw-ups?

    What's our proposition?
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    We provide American-grade
    Software Engineering.

    Our uniqueness
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    • High-capacity local talent platform.
    • World-class processes.
    • International connection.
    • Enterprise experience.
    • Diverse expertise.

We know the rules. You can change the game.

Contact us today and get access to world-class IT services with solid remote delivery mechanism. You can deliver faster, win the competition, and change the game.
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Proposed Benefits for Your Role


    For CIO / IT Manager

    • Standardized quality, regardless of assignee . Proven to surpass technical expectation of US tech companies.
    • Sprint-based development allows measurement for continuous improvement.
    • Allow tech-enabled innovation to happen.

    For COO / Project Manager

    • We have Deadline SLA . Frequent reviews mitigate risk of delay.
    • Ensured project continuity , regardless of attrition. Our company solid-growth track also ensures sustainability.
    • Improved agility : quickly add resources or start a new project with under 4 week notice.

    For CEO / CFO

    • Fixed-budget delivery . Client does not pay for delay.
    • Allow tracking of deliverable, investment, and ROI.
    • No lock-in ; reduce commitment or terminate anytime.

Welcome to WGS

  • Indonesia Brand of Courtesy

    Indonesian culture provides you benefits beyond cost reduction. Beside Bali-like hospitality, almost half of the population is in their working age, they are in most productive and creative era. Ride along with this reclining demographic dividend.
    Outsource to Indonesia

Our Client Say...

  • I've been impressed with the work you are doing:
    1. Speed and quality of code produced.
    2. Knowledge of rails and working to standard patterns.
    3. Use of initiative when spec hasn't covered an area properly.
    4. You ask questions when you're unsure and get on with it when you know what you're doing.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    George Palmer - Rails Speaker & Expert, Founder of SendOwl
  • WGS's work has been exemplary throughout the life of the project so far, and I look forward to working with you all on this and other projects in the near future!

    Tomas Apodaca - Application and Data Specialist of Asia Foundation
  • We’re satisfied with the quality and timeliness of your deliverables. We’re considering to use your services again.

    Thachatat Kuvarakul - Renewable Energy Advisor of GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit)
  • Man you guys are impressive.. very professional…

    Neil Cresswell - Managing Director & CTO of IndonesianCloud
  • So far your service has been good and the deliverable for both time and quality aligned well with our expectation.

    Agustinus Pambudi - System and Infrastructure Development Head of PT. SHOWA Indonesia Mfg

Some of our clients