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    We are the alternative
    to freelancer platforms.

    We provide Agile software engineering in a subscription model
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    • Is project continuity an issue?
    • Do you need to scale your development team?
    • Do you want guarantee of no screw-ups?

    Yes, how are you different?
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    • WGS guarantees project continuity
    • WGS allows you to scale
    • WGS lets you sleep at night. We dont screw up period.

    We focus just on software
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    We have been proven to surpass the technical expectation of US-based tech companies.

    Pricing & Plan

We know the rules. You can change the game.

Contact us today and get access to world-class IT services with solid remote delivery mechanism. You can deliver faster, win the competition, and change the game.
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Proposed Benefits for Your Role


    For CIO / IT Manager

    • Standardized quality, regardless of assignee . Proven to surpass technical expectation of US tech companies.
    • Sprint-based development allows measurement for continuous improvement.
    • Allow tech-enabled innovation to happen.

    For COO / Project Manager

    • We have Deadline SLA . Frequent reviews mitigate risk of delay.
    • Ensured project continuity , regardless of attrition. Our company solid-growth track also ensures sustainability.
    • Improved agility : quickly add resources or start a new project with under 4 week notice.

    For CEO / CFO

    • Fixed-budget delivery . Client does not pay for delay.
    • Allow tracking of deliverable, investment, and ROI.
    • No lock-in ; reduce commitment or terminate anytime.

Welcome to WGS

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Our Client Say...

  • [Your developer] is very good and thorough. A lot better than some of the other RoR developers I have dealt with.

    Ryan o'grady
    Ryan O'Grady
  • Please let everyone know that we REALLY think that they are doing an excellent job.

    Duane Tharpe
  • I've been impressed with the work you are doing and are happy to continue full time. In particular I'm impressed with:
    1. Speed and quality of code produced.
    2. Knowledge of rails and working to standard patterns.
    3. Use of initiative when spec hasn't covered an area properly (for example the ajax loading of different button options).
    4. You ask questions when you're unsure and get on with it when you know what you're doing.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    George Palmer - Rails Speaker
  • It is a pleasure to work with the team. You are organized and communicates well with us and do not hesitate to ask pertinent questions on all the points that are not clearly explained or that you do not understand. You are also proactive and do not hesitate to give opinions and to propose us potential solutions.

    Andre Carrier - Buddy Pilots
  • I am happy with the constant feedback and communication. I am confident that the project team is putting their best effort to complete it asap.

    Michael - LiveLife
  • I am quite happy with the progress we are making. Developers are working hard and the project is moving on steadily. Overall I'm happy. It's Picked up a Gear! - Good work - keep it up Team!

    Puneet Sharma - IQStrat
  • Very responsive and diligent, available and easy and to work/collaborate with, also responds well to changes requested.

    Judith - MFA
  • I just wanted to let you know that the fixes you've been doing to our production server code have been fantastic so far. Very clean, working properly, exactly how we'd want it.

    Dan shoe
    Dan Shoe - BitMob
  • I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work and support, without you we wouldn't have got through all these tickets.

    Nick - City Safe
  • I just wanted to email you to let you know that we think you're awesome and we're really glad that you're working with us. Keep up the awesome work.

    Marc Held
  • At our company (my both companies), all employees select each month the ‘person of the month’. Someone who was really dedicated to make the extra-effort, to be available for the team, the product and the company. For the first time, we voted and selected someone out of our company. This person is you :-)

    David - FellowNation
  • I'd like to thank [your developer] for his dedication, hard work, expertise and a very high level of work ethic that he demonstrated for us throughout this project. He is a very pleasant person to work with and possesses exceptional capacity to understand and undertake complex tasks. I wish him all the success in future.

  • Thanks for your hard work and commitment to CitizenShipper. I hope you are enjoying working on this project. It's great to see such progress being made.

    Richard - Citizen Shipper
  • [Two of your developers] have both done a good job. They fixed issues at a reasonable rate and developing a good understanding of our application. They are both very professional and diligent in their work.

  • We are very happy with your developer’s work! He is happy with the changes we would like to have on the website, he looks at it and suggest what could be done. We are also happy with the changes he has already made and we are happy that things are going well!


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